International Space Olympiad

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Inviting  you to a one of a kind platform to exhibit your skills and knowledge to win amazing laurels!

International Space Olympiad 2022  Champions gets a never before opportunity to  visit NASA as the grand prize!

International Space Olympiad offers young aspirants enthusiastic about the space science and technology, a never before experience of meeting the legends of the field, showing out their talents and knowledge to the world to win fabulous prizes, gaining immense knowledge and much more!!!

Edu Mithra International Space Olympiad is an international level quiz on space science devoted to attract and encourage talented young minds into the world of space science and technology and its possibilities. ISO 2022 will examine the in depth knowledge of students of classes 5-12 all over the world, in space science and world wide space explorations and catalyze the genuine talents with great prizes!!

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International Space Olympiad

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