Syllabus of ISO 2024



  1. The Earth

Atmosphere and layers. Orbit of Earth and Tilt of the axis.  Everyday phenomenon - Rising and Setting of Sun and Other Stars. Yearly phenomenon - seasonal variation. 

  1. The Moon

Phases of the moon, Tides, Formation of the moon, Major Lunar missions.

  1. The Solar System

Sun, Planets, Asteroids, Comets, Dwarf planets - Major features. Our nearest stars, Our galaxy, Local Group of Galaxy, Large Scale Structure of the Universe  



  1. Astrophysics of stars

Sun- Energy source, Structure and Evolution. Stellar Evolution of high mass Stars - Supernova, Neutron stars and  Black holes

  1. Measurement in astrophysics

Distance Measurement – Cosmic Distance Ladder, Velocity – Dopler effect, Red and Blue Shifts, Chemical Composition – Dispersion and Spectra. 

  1. Cosmology

Hubble's law - Expanding Universe, Big Bang, Cosmic Microwave Background and Dark Energy


  1. Space missions

Types of space missions- Fly-by, Impactor, Lander, Rover etc with Important Examples Types of satellites -  by its  orbit and  by its use  with important examples. Major space missions and satellites

  1. Telescopes

Types of telescopes - Based on technology and based on observing wavelength

Space Telescopes - Major Space Telescopes

Neutrino observatories, Gravitational wave observatories, and cosmic ray observatories

Major observatories on earth.

  1. History of Space Exploration

Important Space Missions- Manned Missions, Unmanned Missions. Important Space Agencies, Space Spin-offs.


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