Sky coordinates and motions

Earth Rotation - Sky coordinates - seasons - phases of the Moon - the Moon's orbit and eclipses - timekeeping (sidereal vs synodic period). Gravity- Kepler's laws

Our Solar System: 

The Sun- Formation- processes- Solar nebula- Fusion- Energy formation-structure of sun-sunspots- space weather 

Planets- Characteristics, rotation, revolution, structure, satellites, notable features. Moon-tides- formation- apollo missions

Missions to explore solar systems – Space mission to sun, planets, Moon

Comets, meteors, trans neptunian objects, kuiper belt oort cloud 


Stars and Evolution: 

Formation of stars- Nebular hypothesis -brown dwarfs- Jeans Mass- - blackbody spectrum - classification of stars - HR diagram- Nuclear fusion- element formation below Fe- fate of stars - Chandrasekhar limit- white dwarfs, redgiant, supernova-nucleosynthesis- we are star stuffs


Historical Monuments- Around the world -jantar mantar-Machu Picchu-Castellio(mayan Temple)-stonehenge- (travancore observatory).

Telescopes-lenses- mirrors-electromagnetic spectrum- multiwavelength astronomy-major observatories-both ground based and space- HST-JWST- multi messenger astronomy


Human Space Exploration:

Human missions to space – timeline- Space stations- Salyut to International Space stations


Big Bang-CMBR-formation of first atoms-stars-, Galaxies-to present universe. Expansion of Universe-Hubble's law-redshift- Dark Energy- Dark Matter

International Space Olympiad

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